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Taught not to burn down the forest


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6 thoughts on “Taught not to burn down the forest”

  1. First, the word “taught” is spelled correctly three times in this graphic, yet who posted it still spelled it wrong. Second, “Mun-mun” is a MONGOOSE. What the hell is a “Mangoust?”

    You’d think with this internet thing making knowledge more readily available than ever before that silliness like this would decrease over time, but no, it seems to be spreading.

    1. We corrected the title of the post but unfortunately the other misspelled word is in the subtitle.
      Thank you for your attention. We appreciate it.

      1. Oh my God Lili you never engage correctors, trolls, or grammar nazis online. You have no idea what evil you are provoking!

        1. No, admitting your mistake and correcting it is a sign of intellectual honesty. Ad hominems, such as “troll” or “grammar nazi,” indicate dishonesty. Sure Brother John could have been nicer about it, but he is correct.

    2. brother, please stop hating. you were beat to the punch long ago. all there is left is love; won’t you please take a number?

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