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Taught not to burn down the forest


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  1. Brother John

    First, the word “taught” is spelled correctly three times in this graphic, yet who posted it still spelled it wrong. Second, “Mun-mun” is a MONGOOSE. What the hell is a “Mangoust?”

    You’d think with this internet thing making knowledge more readily available than ever before that silliness like this would decrease over time, but no, it seems to be spreading.

    • Comment by post author


      We corrected the title of the post but unfortunately the other misspelled word is in the subtitle.
      Thank you for your attention. We appreciate it.

      • Everfrost

        Oh my God Lili you never engage correctors, trolls, or grammar nazis online. You have no idea what evil you are provoking!

        • Eric

          No, admitting your mistake and correcting it is a sign of intellectual honesty. Ad hominems, such as “troll” or “grammar nazi,” indicate dishonesty. Sure Brother John could have been nicer about it, but he is correct.

    • Corigent

      how very anal of you

    • I love you

      brother, please stop hating. you were beat to the punch long ago. all there is left is love; won’t you please take a number?

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